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Act upon feasible, effective, & sustainable solutions that benefit everyone!
We make positive impacts on the world around us, from the inside – out.

Enjoy resources to embark upon personalprofessional, & communal developments, as well as the ability to consult with Sam and a network of specialists.
For the collective benefit of people & planet, we are developing eco-villages, also known as sustainable intentional communities.

Personal Wellness

Accessible, affordable, & custom
information and services available for all

Communal Wellness

Easy and accessible ways to help ourselves, each other, & our home – planet Earth

Professional Services

Small business consulting for sustainability, management, development, & marketing services

Personal Wellness

Food | Nutrition | Wellness | Yoga | Home

Science-backed guides, content, and more – all to improve quality of life

An upcoming destination for quality, science-backed information and resources to empower you and your loved ones to live your best lives.
Recipes, the dish on the latest health fads, nutrition tips, and more.
If you live or travel around Colorado, Miami, or Asheville, you may enjoy our Travel page!

CommUnity Wellness

Services | Team | ECO Villages | Events

Urban, suburban, & rural mixed-use development plans are in the works

Projects include community gardens, eco-villages, and improving sustainable methodology worldwide!
To learn more about sustainability, visit our Community pages.
Comm-Unity is the notion of people and their communities working together towards common goals, also related to intersectional environmentalism.

Professional Consulting

Services & Portfolio

Sustainability, management, marketing services

Enjoy easy communications throughout projects such as web design, social media, and more – completed promptly.
Other services can include branded photo shoots, product styling, and video ads.
Sliding scale pricing available to allow small businesses, non-profits, & community organizations the comfort to thrive on budget.

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