Holistic Panther is a solutions-forward outreach platform to help people as individuals and collectively as we all live and breathe on this planet!
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Wellness Guru & Media Specialist, Sam Panther, is making positive impacts on our world. With a vast background in various industries such as wellness and hemp, her strengthens and abilities are in helping people of all walks of life to achieve their personal and professional goals.

In the short term, a YouTube channel is about to launch, please subscribe! In the near future, it is our collective hope to develop eco-villages for their various benefits. They’re also known as sustainable intentional communities, and can improve societal norms, quality of life, and carbon sequestration – all while facilitating our innate passions! More about these projects are coming soon, including the name meaning. Why “holistic” and not “wholistic”? Though it could be incorporated into future branding, the clear messaging behind the actual word seems best for now.

Let’s create positive change, together!

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