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Community spaces can become more efficient with permaculture and other sustainable practices.
Imagine transforming your plain grass lawn into a food garden!

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Community Spaces

  • Seeking land to develop as mixed-use for the benefit of all
  • Creation / management of food gardens &+
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Community Resources

  • Creation and management of one-time or recurring events
  • Sustainable practices & more
community support

For Businesses & Non-Profits

Urban, rural, or somewhere in between?

Let’s collaborate to build ’em together!

community wellness garden for food

Community Food Gardens

Offering regenerative systems and events around healthy soil, increasing nutrient density in the food grown. Collaborating within communities empowers them to be healthier and happier – for individuals and the greater good.

Benefits include:

  • Reducing poverty conditions, improving quality of life for all locals
  • Bio-dynamic soil restoration & carbon sequestration
  • Low toxin living (no need for harmful, pervasive pesticides)
  • Reduces waste in supply chain from farm to table – plastic, packaging, resources
  • Landfill methane reductions – compost destination

Community Resources

Accessible & sustainable ways to help our local communities!

Intentions include to improve upon existing infrastructure in ways that can improve the quality-of-life for the surrounding community.

In the short term, please enjoy this brief list of way to support your local communities.

Tips for Individuals:

  • Visit your local Farmers Market(s) and/or join a CSA (crop share)
  • Reduce waste at home
    • Food, energy, and fast fashion are top culprits
    • Search for local recycling programs via Earth911 & their iRecycle app (Android)
  • Buy items that will last a while, and could be repaired, instead of going into a landfill
  • Join local groups and events like “Strong Towns
  • Actively engage with local government

Tips for Businesses:

Coming soon!

communal wellness. GIF of lawn growing grass from Wikimedia Commons


Help ourselves, each other, and our home – planet Earth to grow communities!

Intentions include to grow beneficial community spaces locally and around the world.

For the collective benefit of people & planet, we are developing eco-villages, also known as sustainable intentional communities. Short-term and long-term benefits include improvement of societal norms like quality of life, soil health through carbon sequestration, and so much more!

Benefits include:

  • Improved quality of life for residents and surrounding communities (cities, businesses, etc)
  • Improved soil and planet health through carbon sequestration
  • Low toxin living
  • Reduced waste in supply chain (intending to be self-sufficient)
  • Reductions in additions to surrounding landfills

Leaders & Facilitators of Beneficial Community Spaces:

Please contact us with general offerings, partnership requests, or complete this form with specific offerings for communal wellbeing

Community Wellness

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