Planet Wellness for All
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Easy & accessible ways to help ourselves, each other, and our home – planet Earth!

For the collective benefit of people & planet, we are developing eco-villages, also known as sustainable intentional communities.
Short & long-term benefits; improvement of societal norms like quality of life, soil health through carbon sequestration, and so much more!

Intent to grow beneficial community spaces locally and around the world.
From motivational speaking to mindful event coordination, food gardens, and more.
Contact us so we may contemplate collaboration!

Services include:

group of people enjoying music concert

Community Event Coordinator

From creation to execution and management, allow our specialist(s) to ensure your event goes smoothly.

Experienced help looks like:

  • Creation of relevant campaigns to affect desired outcomes
  • Delivering results on time
  • Ensuring equitable access, safety, transportation, and affordability

Consulting for Local Businesses, Non-Profits, &+

  • Branding & Designs
  • Digital & Print Promotional Marketing
  • Full Scale Social Media Campaigns
  • Photography; Products, Locations, Headshots, &+
  • Web Designs & Maintenance
  • Sustainable Practices

Leader & Facilitator of Beneficial Spaces

Urban, rural, or somewhere in between? All spaces can become more efficient by using permaculture, sustainable designs, and other practices. Imagine transforming your plain grass lawn into a food garden! We can collaborate to build ’em together!

We are preparing to crowdfund our first eco village! Learn more here.

Community Food Gardens

Offering regenerative systems and events around healthy soil, increasing nutrient density in the food grown. Collaborating within communities empowers them to be healthier and happier – for individuals and the greater good.

Benefits include:

  • Reducing poverty conditions, improving quality of life for all locals
  • Bio-dynamic soil restoration & carbon sequestration
  • Low toxin living (no need for harmful, pervasive pesticides)
  • Reduces waste in supply chain from farm to table – plastic, packaging, resources
  • Landfill methane reductions – compost destination

Ready to act? Let’s do this!