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Budget Bytes Freezer Biscuits are easy & delicious!

This biscuit recipe is a basic staple for an eggy breakfast. Quality carbohydrates help to start the day right and satiated. With only a few ingredients, it’s easy to adapt this recipe. Swap some sprouted spelt or millet flour for longer lasting energy and other benefits, instead of highly-processed, nutrient-deficient standard white ‘enriched’ (with bromate) flours. Top quality flour brands include King Arthur, Bob’s Red Mills, and Arrowhead, often available in bulk sections for cheaper than their often plastic packaged counterpart.

View the recipe on Budget Bytes site and enjoy more uses, as well as other affordable recipes.

Eco Tip: Buy in bulk with a glass jar! Weigh & mark to tare at a register before (so you don’t pay for the weight of the jar)

Sourdough bread, farm fresh tomato, & thyme with an egg & wilted greens (all organic & locally sourced)

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