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Eats in Northern Colorado

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Events in Northern Colorado


Weekly Fun

  • Mondays at Maxline Brewing – Beer & Bingo
  • Tuesdays at Stodgy Brewing – Board Game Night
  • Sundays at The Lyric – Geeks Who Drink (Trivia)


  • Weekly Open Mic Nights
    • Mondays at The Lyric
    • Tuesdays at The Atrium

For more local happenings, view the calendars on these websites:

Fort Collins
Downtown Fort Collins: Events & Things to Do
Visit Fort Collins: Events & Things to Do
The Comedy Fort: Link | The Lyric Cinema: Link

More city resources coming soon

Tips & Tricks

Visit like you live here with insider tips – for just a day or a while

Tip 1: Local Lingo

FoCo = Fort Collins
NoCO = Northern Colorado
SoCO = Southern Colorado

Tip 2: Accommodations

Visit Fort Collins – Hotel Directory: Link

Tip 3: Delivery

We love our local NoCO Nosh – instead of the big delivery apps!
Their support team is nice and helpful if and when needed.

“Did you know when you order through @noshnoco the money spent stays within our local community? We’re a proud delivery service owned by local restaurants serving the #northerncolorado community!”


Want to collaborate?

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• Farm-to-table fundraising dinners
Marketing clients for logos, social media, photography & videos, websites, etc.
• & more!