Successful management of cheese, wine, catering, and more in various gourmet food establishments

Upscale Gourmet Market in Miami, FL:

  • Product Management: Maintenance of products, in particular the Specialty foods department with 70+ cheeses at a time, as well as various worldly meats, fish, and wines.
  • Customer Service: Helped customers enjoy their purchases by suggesting co-related products, such as fig jam and a baguette for brie.
  • Sales: Cross-selling products really does work! The store manager showed me their sales to prove they were constantly better than the previous year without me, and performed better when I was scheduled.
  • Equipment & Maintenance: Ensured sharp knives available at work station and proper sanitary techniques used. Trained on and utilized deli slicer for charcuterie (salami, prosciutto, etc.).
  • Catering: Helped customers create charcuterie platters.
  • Gift Baskets: Created themed baskets for any occasion; Visiting friends or family, anniversary, birthday, or holiday – assortments were readily accessible.
  • Holiday Prep: New Years, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas were the most notable high-volume holidays. Special products ordered in anticipation and pre-made gift baskets.
  • Inventory Management: Placed & received orders with distributors such as Sysco & GFI.
  • Marketing: Created successful product pairings, to-go tasting platters, seasonal gift baskets, and more. Facilitated a collaboration with a local radio station.

Lyon Freres Petit Marche in Miami Beach, FL:

  • Product Management: Maintenance of 20-50 cheese and other specialty products.
  • Customer Service: Assisted customers with their visit by taking orders, making coffees, & other requests.
  • Equipment: Ensured sharp knives available at work stations and proper sanitary techniques used.
  • Catering: Created custom charcuterie platters for customers’ public and private events.
  • Inventory Management: Placed & received orders with distributors such as Sysco & GFI.
  • Marketing: Shared photos on social media of current specials. Created successful product pairings.

Other Catering & Food-Related Experiences:

  • Gardener of Food & Flowers at various private farms in NC & CO
  • Manager at Argo Tea in Asheville, NC
  • Event & Meal Coordinator for private events in Asheville, NC
  • Prep Cook at 131 Main in Asheville, NC
  • Personal Chef for private clients in Miami, FL
  • Cheese Monger at The Cheese Course in Miami, FL

Store Management Trained

Trained by store managers in ordering and receiving inventory effectively, closing procedures, product maintenance, cross-selling, department sales analysis, and more.

Holiday Gift Baskets

Hand-picked and high-quality complementary products make great gifts for every budget and taste!

Hopefully a plant-based cellophane shrink wrap will be invented so gift wrap can continue to be commercially friendly while also not harmful to our planet.

Pictures including chalkboard menus, more catering platters, and more available by request!

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