Clear Board

Brand Creation:
Website & Graphic Designs

Their logo started as a client’s rough sketch of a cutting board on a kitchen ticket spike. I then created it digitally, including various colored versions. Once colors and other details were fine tuned, I designed business cards and other brand materials to suit their clean, minimal aesthetic. I also set up their Gmail, domain and WordPress website, and VistaPrint account. I found a better local shirt printing company in both price and quality, which they did decide to order with.


Domain was purchase and hosted under my private hosting service. Website was built to specifications.
The business is on hold – website is on WordPress free plan here.
^Someone without experience tried to edit the site and now it’s wonky 🙁
The business has changed hands and we don’t have their contact information.

Graphic Designs

Printed and given out to local businesses:
Promotional flyers & business cards

Custom Business Cards

VistaPrint Car Magnet

The car magnets are relevant to their mobile trailer workshop-based business so they can brand their personal and work vehicles, while promoting to locals on-the-go to increase brand recognition.
Same design as business cards.

Staff Shirts

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