Equine Caretaker & Barn Assistant

As an equine and ecology specialist, I have helped several local Colorado barns with various tasks as needed across all seasons.

Having grown up with an equestrian riding background, this hobby (turned side-job) helps to save up for the purchasing of land to adopt horses, accompanying a multitude of integrative agriculture practices.

Local Colorado Barns:

  • St. Vrain Stables – Longmont, CO
  • Private horse breeder – Laporte, CO
  • Private cattle rancher – Johnstown, CO
  • Meadowlark Integrated Healing Ranch – Longmont, CO

St. Vrain Stables – Longmont, CO

This is a small-sized private boarding barn. Months here were enjoyed caring for the horses, property, and stalls.

  • Groomed and fed horses
  • Refreshed waters
  • Learned training tips from their barn manager
  • This was a work-trade exchange for free riding around their nature trails that connect Longmont to Lyons

Private Horse Breeder – Laporte, CO

This a large-sized local, family business. They breed horse family lines to sell that have various daily care needs.

  • Helped train young horses with simple gestures (ex. to understand when to back up from the gates)
  • Fed horses (including small and large hay nets)
  • Groomed horses and picked out hooves
  • Refreshed waters and bedding
  • Worked through all seasons, including snow and rain

Meadowlark Integrated Healing Ranch – Longmont, CO

A month at Meadowlark involved a wonderful time outdoors preparing therapy animals for the owner’s seasonal clients.

  • Trained horses with a gentle hand, repetition, and fresh organic carrots
  • Groomed their horses, including a miniature! Helped to shed winter coats. Washed mud off, picked hooves, detangled manes, etc.
  • Weeded and gardened the property, including irises and rosebushes

Private Cattle Rancher – Johnstown, CO

This was a medium-sized horse and cattle operation. Short-term paid help until they were able to find other suitable candidates.

  • Cared for their horses – standard chores
  • Gained hands-on experience learning more about caring for cows

More details and photos coming soon!