Philippe: French Bistro + Bakery

Brand Creation for Philippe: New local Fort Collins eatery

Scope of work for Philippe: French Bistro + Bakery

  • Overall Initial Business Development & Project Management
  • Design: Digitally created (CAD/Photoshop) the outside of building front in color requested to test paint color and a inside for the floor plan layout.
  • Website: Purchased the domain and set up with host and initial theme.
  • Emails & Communications: Created email addresses linked to domain and set up mail forwarding to personal email accounts.
  • Branding & Graphic Design: Logo creation from digitally recreating an old family logo from a photo. Utilized fonts from the options they were presented and then selected. Created individual stickers last-minute for event promotions through collaborating with a local company.
  • Marketing: Established social media like Instagram & Facebook. Discussed methods to run ads.
  • Created drafts of social media posts, digital ads, videos, and more.
screensnap of website for philippe

If you’ve arrived from Google in search of updates about the business, city permits are a lengthy process.

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