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Dental Offices

Social Media Management & Consulting

30+ locations nationwide, with ~2-5 social platforms each
Modern, unique, and branded social media content
Fact and service posts, videos, stories, and more

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, & Google My Business

Video Post Sample:

Alternative Health Clinics

Print Materials + Social Media + Web Consultations

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, & Google My Business
3 locations in Colorado

  • Primarily contracted to create and publish posts and stories on their social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube) until their larger re-branding plans would be enacted for all three locations.

  • Recommended updates for their website.

  • Updated posters in Photoshop to improve the design and include QR codes.

Healthcare Marketing

Client Testimonials

“Kudos for continued work on [our] social media accounts!… They look amazing!”

“Awesome post about [our] upcoming events!”

“Thanks for posting that and great job. I love to see that you’re finding new and better ways to get our name out there.”

“This video is awesome!”

“I’m continually impressed with your work ethic, organization, creativity, & open-mindedness. I appreciate you!”

“Perfect! Thank you for being so on top of things, you’re the best”

“Thanks for all your hard work and being [one] I can trust”

“Thanks for checking that, it got to a point where it was too much for me to check literally everything… so some things got forgotten”

“Great! Thank you for being so diligent [with] getting started!”

“Thanks for being awesome, [I’ve] really enjoyed working with you.”

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