Social Media Projects

Dental Offices
Fitness Healthcare Clinics
Food Manufacturer

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, & Google My Business

Client names are withheld for their privacy

Dental Group: ~30 Accounts

Modern, unique, and branded social media content: fact and service posts, videos, stories, and blogs.

These accounts are in various locations across America, whose various time zones are factored to determine the best time to post for each topic and audience.

Video Post Sample:

Fitness-Oriented Alternative Health Clinics

  • Primarily contracted to create and publish posts and stories on their social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube) until their larger re-branding plans would be enacted.

  • Recommended updates for their website.

  • Updated posters in Photoshop to improve the design and include QR codes.

Local Healthy CPG Foods Manufacturer

  • Social media campaign and post creation for Instagram and Facebook
  • Authored blog posts in their website on Shopify to coincide with social media campaigns and sales goals
  • Technical copywriting about diets like AIP (Autoimmune Protocols)
  • Email marketing newsletters and blasts with Klaviyo
  • Affiliate program setup with Tapfiliate
  • Product photography for a new product launch
  • YouTube and other video concepts

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