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Samantha (Sam) Panther

Marketing & Wellness Specialist

Sam is a dedicated and personable professional with diverse and complementary skillsets

Sam Panther founded Holistic Panther to connect skills and knowledge spanning various industries including wellness and hemp, as well as marketing and digital designs, business and project management are a breeze. Strong, diverse abilities have been built upon from the principle goal to help people of all walks of life achieve their personal, communal, and business goals.

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From a central desire to help make the world a better place for everyone

“I study the many realms and inner workings of our world. The mutualistic symbiosis of people & planet inherently affects all aspects of life. For the benefit of all, I work to promote socially & environmentally sound and local-based systems that connect agriculture, education, and economic opportunities with other resources that empower communities.”

“My background includes administrative operations and support, professional communications, customer service, website production, social media, writing, and editing. Expertise in Microsoft Office and Google Drive, and versed in all communication styles facilitates increased productivity and professionalism for clients and cohorts. Competent and efficient with completing tasks under deadlines.

With an extensive background working and studying in various industries, including natural wellness, biological sciences, and more, my strengths and abilities are in helping people to achieve their personal and professional goals. Flexible and versatile to meet your needs.”

Sam’s Skills


★ Meal planning
★ Nutrition & herbal support
★ Recommendations for root-cause medical tests, alternative therapeutic options, and more to discuss with a licensed medical professional
★ Yoga routines & poses to improve quality of life and range of motion, aid in ailments like digestion, fatigue, &+


★ Administrative & managerial support
★ Email newsletter campaigns
★ Google Drive, Apps, & Ads
★ Graphic Designs & Marketing including websites, socials, ads
★ Microsoft Office Suite
★ Technical copy writing & editing
★ Photo and video editing


★ Ecological conservation techniques
★ Permaculture practices
★ Sustainable, integrative farming practices
★ Mixed-Use Developments

Sam’s Values


❀ Honest & Sincere
❀ Accepting
❀ Adventurous
❀ Curious
❀ Generous
❀ Patient
❀ Plant-based low-toxin cleanliness, hygiene, & nutrition specialist


❀ Creative
❀ Inclusive
❀ Consistent
❀ Dynamic
❀ Objective
❀ Organized
❀ Discretion for private information


❀ Mindful & Self Aware
❀ Committed to Logic & Wisdom
❀ Dedicated to Equality, Justice, Freedom, & Peace
❀ Balance enthusiast
❀ Courageous
❀ Transparent

Let’s Get Personal

You may know me as your friend Sam, @earthcaretaker on Instagram, or perhaps not at all yet!

Sam, why are you @earthcaretaker?

One of many stories shared by a dear Indigenous family friend resonated with me. A meaning within illustrates our purpose, to take care of the Earth and allow it to care for us. This username is a mantle of responsibility, to constantly remember my role and capabilities in all of this.

You, too, can be a caretaker of our Earth! Help yourself and others — visit our Community Wellness page.

Why “holistic” and not “wholistic”? Though another initial could be incorporated into the brand, it’s best to stay truest to the word.

The stories behind my Panther name, and more, in days to come!

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Sam’s Long-Term Goal:

Growing eco-villages, reversing pollution and global warming, and associated impacts on human health.
To improve quality of life for all and to ensure a non-toxic future for many generations!

Nice to meet you!

Now, let’s delve into your goals: